Field Trips at Hagood Mill Historic Site


As part of the mission statement of the Hagood Mill Foundation, field trips allow us to educate and promote the preservation of upcountry life and culture to the students who visit the site.

Field trips are very beneficial for students.  Not only is there real-world learning going on, field trips also support academic and cultural growth, critical thinking skills, self-confidence, memory-making, effective learning, and so much more.

Field trips at Hagood Mill Historic Site are adaptable to any age range.  The activities available to choose from include Living in the 1800s Upcountry, Native American Life in the Upcountry, Native American Petroglyphs, Farming/Gardening in the 1800s, Traditional Appalachian or Native American Games, and more.  

Field trips typically run for 2 hours, with each session being 20-25 minutes long.  Trained instructors demonstrate and discuss how people worked, lived, and played in the 1800s.  

For more information about field trips, please contact Chad Chrysler, Education Coordinator, at (864) 898-2936.

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Kim Clevenger

Kim is the Assistant Director of the Hagood Mill Historic Site. In addition to these duties, she also teaches hearth cooking classes.


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