New Things at Hagood Mill


Spring is in the air at Hagood Mill Historic Site!  There are lots of things to see that are new to nature and new to us!  Check them all out the next time you visit us!

One long-term project that has seen some progress is at the Heritage Pavilion.  Construction began last month to start the process of enclosing the building.  A back wall and storage area have been added, along with two smaller areas at the front of the building.  With this phase of construction over, the next step will be working on bringing in an HVAC unit, sprinkler system, and doors.  

Another building being worked on is the General Store.  Donated by Jimmy Lee & Helen Dodgens, this old store was part of the local  community.  It is going to be furnished depicting the 1940s-1950s, and a “storekeeper” will be working during 3rd Saturday events.  Look for the general store across the steel bridge.

The other big change has been to the website!  With this change has been a need to update our SMS and email messaging systems.  Click here to be added to this new mail list.

There are many more plans for the site, so make sure to join our mailing list and check out our Facebook and Instagram page for more information!

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Kim Clevenger

Kim is the Assistant Director of the Hagood Mill Historic Site. In addition to these duties, she also teaches hearth cooking classes.


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