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Mushroom Walk

In this class, you will learn through hands-on training, exactly how to use mushroom “plugs” that have been seeded with mushroom spore mycelium to grow mushrooms at home.  The mushrooms included are “Chicken of the Woods”, “Lion’s Mane”, and “Yellow Oyster”.

We will begin with an open discussion about the history of fungus on planet Earth and just how unique this kingdom of organisms is.  We will cover a basic overview of their biology and the important role they play in all aspects of life on the planet and their integration with human beings (such as common medicines and foods we enjoy every day).

Then we will select the proper trees to fell, and each student will get an opportunity to work on their own logs, learning the proper way to inject the plugs and how to care for them to encourage maximum fruit bearing of edible fungi that can be enjoyed again and again on the dinner table.  Chef Eric Adema will share some of his favorite recipes on how to prepare these and other mushrooms.

Not only will you get to take home some samples, but you will also be included in our mushroom seeding and farming program at the Hagood Mill Historic Site.  Anytime you return for one of our events, you can check the progress of this project knowing that you played an integral part in sharing this knowledge with future visitors.

After the class concludes, you are encouraged to join the wild mushroom walk that will be conducted by Chef Eric on our nature trail that encircles the entire Hagood Mill Historic Site property.  Not only will you learn about the numerous species of fungi growing on the property, but you will also learn bits of our history as you walk the grounds.

From: $5.00