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Native American Celebration

Every November, the Hagood Mill Historic Site observes Native American Heritage Month.  This celebration of cornbread (Selu meaning corn and gadu meaning bread) is really a Harvest Festival.  This is the time of year when Native Americans reaped the harvest of corn.  This was an essential crop in Native American life and came to be in Colonial life as well.

Join us as we give thanks to, and honor the first peoples of these lands, for the food traditions and customs that have influenced southern Appalachian life for hundreds of years.  At this event, we will bring together many people from various tribal groups to share customs and traditions that have been practiced since ancient times.

Demonstrations unique to this event include the stone grinding of cornmeal, cooking fry-bread, and roasting corn.  Prehistoric cooking demonstrations using ancient soapstone bowls is something you won’t want to miss.  We will also have an expert on hand to identify Native American stone tools and artifacts, so be sure to bring your treasures to be identified.

While on site, don’t miss “Our Native Roots: An Interpretive Trail.”  This path takes visitors along the Old Indian Path which took Native Americans from the Mississippi Coast through the Eastern Continental Divide to Virginia.  The trail includes a dugout canoe demonstration, a sacred fire circle, the prehistoric petroglyphs that are on site, and many other experiences.

This really is an event you won’t want to miss!