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Woodworking – Shave Horse


Many early settlers made most of the furnishings and tools for their homes from the forests where they made their homes.

 They needed shingles, logs for their home, a place to sit, a container for water, an archery bow, or countless other things.  

Many of these items were made efficiently with simple tools by employing simple methods to hold their work.  

The shave horse is a simple device used to clamp a piece of wood to shape it with a drawknife or spokeshave.  

In this two-day class, students will explore the different styles of shave horses, their many uses, and how to make the parts and assembly.  

We will build an English style shave horse by riving wood for the legs, pegs and head assembly.  

A rough sawn plank will be provided for the bench seat.  

Learn to use a variety of hand tools and techniques while making a tool to further your exploration of the craft.  

This simple device will allow you to access a nearly forgotten portion of the woodworking realm and take you on journey in the well-worn footsteps of the mountain people.

From: $400.00