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Give your children the opportunity to specialize in two topics of interest at Camp Hagood 2024. This 3-day camp will occur June 12-14 from 8:45 am - 4:00 pm each day. In each morning & afternoon session, campers will have 2.5 hours of specialized instruction in the topics they choose, with a total of 15 hours of hands-on learning in two traditional arts.  See the table below for topics to choose from.

Camp Hagood is open for rising 3rd to rising 9th grade students.  The cost for Camp is $175.  An invoice will be sent separately.  

Scholarships will be available.  Please contact Kim Clevenger via email at for more information and to request a scholarship application. The scholarship deadline is April 19, 2024.

This project is funded in part by the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

This project is supported by funding provided to the South Carolina Arts Commission from a partnership with the S.C. Department of Education from American Rescue Plan Elementary and Secondary Schools Emergency Relief (ARP ESSER) funds.

Our Camp Activites

Campers will pick two topics from the table below to focus on during Camp Hagood 2024. Entry into groups will be on a first come first served basis.

Please note that boys Blacksmithing, Archery, and Leather Craft for 6th graders+ are full.  This has been noted on the signup form.

Camp Hagood 2024

Max of 10/group
Students will learn about the history and process of fired pottery, the identification and processing of native clay deposits into usable material, utilitarian vessels, tools, and stamp making. They will also observe a live demonstration on the treadle wheel (standing kick-wheel) while discussing the various other methods of hand building. Most of the time will be spent on one central project using air-dried clay. Pieces will be painted before presenting them during the Camp Exhibition.Rising 3rd +Each student must bring a medium-sized box (approx. 12” in L x H x W) with them on the first day in which to keep their clay and finished pieces
Max of 6/group
This class is great for children enthusiastic about archery. Students will begin with a brief visit to the onsite nature trail where they will learn which kinds and sizes of trees are best for bows and arrows. Back at the workshop, students will observe a live demonstration of how traditional bow and arrows are made, become familiar with the tools and techniques involved in the process, and discuss many completed examples. Each student will proceed with making a functional bow of PVC pipe and a set of wooden arrows, all of which may be decorated and personalized. Archery safety and proper shooting form will be emphasized. Students will take these home on the last day of camp.Rising 5th +Please take precautions as these are not toys.
Painting Nature
Max of 12
Students will learn about the art style of children’s book author and illustrator, Eric Carle. He is world-known for his classic books such as The Hungry Caterpillar. Students will discuss which wildlife creatures are native to the area and create pictures of them using Carle’s techniques. Each child will create a final piece that will be matted and ready to be taken home on the last day of camp.Rising 3rd - 6th
Nature Drawning
Max of 12
Students will practice basic drawing skills such as shading, finding basic shapes and forms in nature, and creating perspective on a two-dimensional surface. Students will learn how to draw natural scenery and a variety of local creatures using pencils and other media. Each student will create a final peice that will be matted and ready to be taken home on the last day of camp.Rising 7th +
Max of 6/group
In this year's Blacksmithing class, students will forge their own Colonial toasting/roasting fork. These are great for the hearth, fire pit or campfire. Students will learn the techniques of splitting, drawing out, bending ,scrolling and twisting, as well as applying a food safe finish. We'll also discuss the historical importance of toasting forks in the 18th and early 19th century. Other topics covered will be shop safety, the history of Blacksmithing, and the branches of science that apply to Blacksmithing.Rising 6th +
There will be a boys session and a girls session
Students must bring safety glasses, solid leather work gloves and a removable long sleeved cotton shirt.
Cooking Outdoors
Max of 10/group
In this year’s Cooking Outdoors class, students will learn about outdoor cooking by preparing food using fire. The methods used will include smoking, grilling, and more. The class will include how to manage a fire for cooking, techniques for using natural resources as cooking implements, and “perfecting” easy camp-style foods. Each student will finish camp with a basic knowledge of outdoor cooking that they will be able to use for the rest of their lives.Rising 7th +
Wild Pervasive Vine Basketry
Max of 10/group
Older students will make a random Freeform kudzu basket, a ribbed basket and be introduced to coiling in a three day workshop intensive. Privit, Kudzu, Wisteria, Autumn Olive, and many other easily gathered vines will be introduced. Learning to live with what others would eradicate and hearing Cherokee stories of respect for all Beings will fill our time together.Rising 6th +
Leather Craft
Max of 8
Students will explore the basics of leather working by making a wrap for a walking stick. On the first day, they'll learn how to stamp, carve, and form leather. On day two, we'll go on a tour of the Hagood Mill property and find the perfect walking stick while exploring the stream, woods, and fields nearby. On day three, the students will stamp and form their leather around the stick!Rising 3rd-5th
L:eather Craft
Max of 8
Students will learn how to stamp, carve, and sew leather by making a knife sheath. Day one- The basics of stamping, carving, tooling, and sewing Days 2-3: Tooling, shaping, sewing, and dyeing the sheath
Rising 6th +

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We Hope You'll Join Us For Camp Hagood

It won't be long until school's out for the summer! Are your children looking for something fun to do? Are you looking for something educational for them to learn? Well, we hope you will join us for Camp Hagood 2024! This year, we are going to be expanding the opportunity your child has to learn traditional arts, so make sure to check out all the information about camp! We can't wait to see you in June!

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